Apr. 17th, 2017

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72621e5: Issue #2055: increase size for icon description field
Widen userpic2 column 'description' to allow longer descriptions.
2f5e3ea: Issue #2086: Support for e-mail TLDs needs expanding
Update list of valid TLDs from third-party source.
789108d: Issue #2089: URL link to remote entry not correct in some importer notifications
Calculate correct URL for entry import metadata.
56d8670: Issue #2091: add file hosting quota utilization to see_request
Add media usage info to support details header.
76674d1: Issue #2097: make feed-fetch user agent use the same size limits as synsuck
Raise feed size limit for initial fetch.
c13be2c: Issue #2096: don't return hidden FAQs when someone uses the FAQ search
Don't include FAQs with no category in LJ::Faq->load_matching.
ab9b93b: Issue #1973: allow embeds from coub.com
Add coub.com to the whitelist for embedded journal content.
601fea7: Issue #2021: Whitelist embeds from airtable.com
Add airtable.com to the whitelist for embedded journal content.
a3d959a: Issue #2115: move /openid/server to DW::Controller
Rewrite BML page as a DW::Controller service.
72d135f: Issue #2112: remove code that assumes Unicode support is optional
Remove $LJ::UNICODE config parameter.
f4cd51e: Issue #2095: remove lj.rossia.org as xpost destination (while keeping it in the user tag)
Temporarily disable LJRossia crossposts.
b6b7a59: Issue #2072: Logged-out /login and logged in or out /openid/ give 'not fully secure' warning
Upgrade more of our http links and resources to use https.
abd4f10: Issue #2118: Cleanup 2017q2
Various minor fixes and maintenance.
54e5f2f: Issue #2078: admin tool to look up OpenID account by URL
Add OpenID search to finduser console command.
03abdb3: Issue #2112: remove code that assumes Unicode support is optional
Syntax error - missing semicolon.
891e920: Issue #2121: BML::get_query_string not preserved when doing an SSL redirect?
Fix redirect for query strings that are just plaintext.


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