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The paid account fairy sprinkled her pixie dust in our general direction, and we now have 12 months of paid time. Enjoy!
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I just bought two months of paid time for [community profile] changelog_digest courtesy of [personal profile] poulpette's awesomeness! Enjoy!
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Not that I'm obsessed with the Dreamwidth logo or anything. Not me. Nope.
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When I switched my personal journal to Drifting, I realized that the changelog-digest tables overlapped the userpics on my reading page. If you run into the same problem, here's a fix.

Go to http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/options.bml?group=customcss and add the following embedded CSS:

.journal-changelog_digest table { max-width: 80%; }

Save, and from now on the tables should be narrow enough not to overlap.
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Greetings, Changelog Digesters!

You may already know this if you look at [site community profile] changelog or follow [site community profile] dw_dev, but it's worth mentioning here: I can do commits now!

This change shouldn't impact our community at all, except that since I now have posting access to [site community profile] changelog, there's a distinct possibility I might accidentally post a digest there instead of here. I am being verrrrry careful to double-check my post settings every time.

As you were!

(Maybe I should edit my digest formatting script to fire off an email post, so that I don't have to use the web form.... nooo, that way lies madness!)


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