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Aug. 6th, 2017 11:55 pm
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Almost back to the daily grind. School starts Tuesday, and church choir practice resumes on Wednesday. It seems too soon, but at the same time I'm ready for a change. Hopefully having my days be more structured again will help with my focus; I feel like I've hardly gotten anything done this summer, apart from the big furniture rearrangement and a few knitting projects.

I finally upgraded my iPad mini to iOS 10. I knew the change would be painful, but it was time. Apparently I need to keep it there, because now it keeps telling me that some of my frequently used apps won't work with iOS 11 unless they're updated by the developer, and most of the affected apps seem entirely abandoned. Sigh.

I went to see Dark Tower on Saturday night with the usual suspects. Thankfully it wasn't too terrifying - the most horrific part of the evening was having to see the trailer for IT again. It was fun trying to spot references to other well known Stephen King stories, and I really liked Idris Elba's character. After the movie, we went to B&N, where I found a hilarious book by Tim Leong called Star Wars Super Graphic. It's like what Edward Tufte might create if he became the guy who keeps track of the extended (revised) canon of the Star Wars universe. Of course I had to buy it. Will enjoyed reading it as much as I did.

Did I mention that Will spent at least part of his summer binge-reading the XKCD archives? I discovered a few days ago that if I ask him about a specific XKCD comic, he can remember at least the approximate number. "My normal approach is useless here?" "That's in the 50's or 60's." "What about Little Bobby Tables?" "Exploits of a mom? That's early 300's." He's also been studying the extended oeuvre of TMBG lyrics, because clearly he wasn't nerdy enough already.


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